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Solar PV Commercial design projects that are both electrically efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Our team has commissioned over 4000 systems at all shapes and sizes - these are only a few that you may recognise.

System design begins with a consultation and energy analysis, we then survey the site and draw a system to meet specific requirements. We work closely with the client to understand their needs - we understand that every project is different and welcome a design challenge when they present themselves.


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Solar PV Commercial were extremely professional throughout the consultation and installation process. I would have no doubt in recommending them to perform your solar installation
— Neel Chand, CEO

Penrith RSL is one of the largest RSL Clubs in NSW with an energy bill to match. The club had investigated solar previously, but hadn’t found a solution that worked for them. 

Solar PV Commercial offered a cost effective solution that met their financial requirements to invest into a project. The system will generate 320,000 kWh a year, this is a $60,000 saving off their energy bills. This was welcomed with unanimous support from the board.

Penrith RSL, like so many other clubs, have a significant roof area which is being unused. The 800 installed panels redirect all the sunlight that would normally hit 1,280 m2 of corrugated roof into clean electricity, this significantly reduces the heat transferred into the roof and air conditioning. 


JLL approached multiple commercial solar companies and began a process of selection. Paul Nealgrove, Senior Solar Consultant, took Jason through the solar production model & data analysis. Jason notes:

“The selection process was pretty competitive, each company had similar pricing – but what it came down to was Solar PV Commercial’s 5 Year production guarantee. Paul did a great job of explaining it all and was quick to return with any queries. We had complete trust in what they were doing”


The Village Centre installed a 100kW solar system in November of 2015. Once the install was complete, JLL re approached Solar PV Commercial for another 80kW at their Bridge Plaza property.


Property management is based on trust and smart investment, that’s why JLL are leading solar investment in Australia.

The Bridge Plaza & Village Centre in Bateman’s Bay are properties manages by JLL on behalf of Local Government Super. Together they have successfully managed both shopping centres through a shifting retail landscape, so JLL are focused on stability for the future.


Sustainability is a cornerstone of how the businesses are run, this is driven by Local Government Super who focus on ethical investments with stable returns, so when we spoke with Jason Wallis, JLL - Operations Manager, he was already well aware of the benefits of solar power;

“Solar is a no brainer, the payback periods are that quick! 25 Year lifespan and you’re paying it back in 5. Energy prices are only going to go up, so we were always going to have solar.”


“The installation was clean and neat; they got it together really quick. I would check in on the team over the course of the install and they were really easy to communicate with: I couldn’t fault their work”

Both properties are collectively generating over $40,000 in energy savings each year, this contributes to a 5&6 star NABERS rating respectively.



Phillip Kipp, General Manager, admits he is a ‘fiscal conservative’ when assessing club spending.


“My opinion on the ROI changed once we started to evaluate the proposal in detail and now I’m a convert as to the financial and environmental of solar”


The solar project was taken seriously after the financials were presented. Energy rates in the Illawarra are the lowest in NSW, the solar proposal still stacked up in the face of cheap energy rates. This only reconfirms that solar is a financially viable solution regardless of your energy rate.

Q Cells modules and SMA inverters were chosen for their warranty periods and strong customer support. The club is set to save $22,000 annually and pay the system off in 5 Years.

Warilla Bowls is home to a gym, travel agent, function centre, multiple eateries as well as a massive undercover bowling green – needless to say their energy demand is astronomical.

To combat massive operation costs The Club has put in place a range of systems to ensure that sustainability is being addressed and reviewed, holding the belief that an efficient club is an economical club. All sustainable projects are considered by the Staff Sustainability Team with consultation by Rana Environmental – this makes for strict assessment criteria.



“Everyone from Solar PV Commercial were a delight to deal with, with great communication and a very professional approach towards all aspects of the installation.” - P. Kipp (GM)


Hornsby RSL have proudly implemented various green initiatives to provide a sustainable club for their members. The club explored multiple alternative energy sources in their research; after considering the maintenance and fuel costs of gas/diesel it was clear that solar power was the strongest long term solution.

Wary of ‘solar cowboys’ targeting the clubs industry, Hornsby RSL sought out reputable installers. As members of the CMAA and RSL & Services Association Solar PV Commercial were being considered, after seeing they had installed on 70 other Clubs and provided multiple references they didn’t need to consider anyone else.

Solar PV Commercial were the only installer that could provide a system that met Hornsby RSL’s strict performance and safety criteria. The system was installed in two stages with almost zero interruption to the clubs operations, their monitoring information has been integrated into the building management system and the savings can be printed in a single report for board meetings. 

 The crew at Hornsby RSL before we took them on a ride to see their panels from above.

The crew at Hornsby RSL before we took them on a ride to see their panels from above.


Open Shutters have made sustainability a cornerstone of their business – their focus on ethical manufacturing has paid off. The business has grown over 25 years into the largest manufacturer of blinds and shutters.

The factory itself houses huge saws and machines that require intense ventilation systems. The combination of lighting, machinery and fans means the energy bill incurs high demand charges during daylight hours. Fortunately, this is exactly when solar is producing the most energy – it made perfect sense for the factory to install a 40kW system.

When Stephen Sutherland looked into solar power for the factory, he admits that his accounting background made him critical of the proposed returns. After multiple consultations and thorough research Solar PV Commercial were chosen based on quality and experience.

“The detail involved in the proposal demonstrated the savings clearly and concisely, I was impressed with the tailored presentation based on the information given. The installation team were in and out within the designated time frame with no interruption to our operations - they were extremely professional”


The system has reduced the energy bill by 35% and will save the company $80,000 in within 10 years.

It isn’t an expense you want to put out every day of the week, but if you make the leap now
you’ll be saving yourself so much in the future



Kellyville Pets is one of Australia’s largest pet stores. The business installed a 100kW solar PV system early in 2013. The system has been installed to significantly reduce the businesses daytime energy demand. Kellyville Pets daytime electricity consumption is perfectly suited to the solar production curve. During daytime hours the business switches on a lot of internal lighting, Air-conditioning as well as heating mats as the business houses many Australian reptiles and newly born animals.

John Grima the owner of Kellyville Pets is very happy in his decision to invest in renewable energy. The financial benefits of the solar system made perfect sense to John as it will have a significant impact on the day to day operations of the business. John also wanted to do his bit in the community by reducing the business’ carbon emissions.




The Port Pacific Resort is the first high rise building in Port Macquarie to boast a 90 kW system. This installation required careful planning and overcoming a logistical nightmare.

A crane was required to lift the panels, equipment and tools onto the roof. All the parts for the pergola were pre fabricated before being delivered, this makes for a much quicker install and safer work environment.

The owner of the resort saw the immediate benefit of covering the little roof space he had with solar - what's your roof doing for your energy bill?




Wentworth Golf Club had insufficient roof space for solar, when they saw the ROI of the Power Park solution they chose to install a 40 kW system for their patrons. The club gained under cover parking, whilst still installing an optimal sized solar system.

The system will generate 64,074 kWh annually, offsetting 57 tonnes of carbon emissions and delivering energy at a mere 5.6 cents! General Manager, Ian Starr, was impressed by the unique solution offered by Solar PV Commercial. It made for a fast return on investment and maximum impact on their energy bills.

By leasing the system the structure actually pays for itself. The savings that the system generates significantly outweighs the lease costs from the get go. It was cheaper to install a solar system keep paying their electricity bill as normal.



Business sustainability preparation is more than environmental preservation; it helps businesses improve efficiency and productivity that makes good business sense – economically, environmentally and socially.

Paul Crowley (CEO) is making sustainability a foundation of how Pittwater RSL operates as a business. Whilst the club is operating in a strong financial position rising costs in energy cannot be escaped, having already targeted lighting, waste, water and air conditioning their focus turned to solar power.

“Whoever is in my position wouldn’t be doing their job if they weren’t looking at this - sustainability is a must”
— Jan Svenoy

Led by Jan Svenoy (Facilities Manager), the ‘Green Team’ employed an environmental consultant to collect and assess quotes from multiple solar installers. The final decision was based on quality of product, competitive pricing and the experience.

“Our consultation with Barry was very helpful - We did our research pretty thoroughly and called a list of clubs installed by Solar PV Commercial; no one said a bad word” Jan Svenoy

The 100kW system will generate 160,000 kWh annually. When you consider the initial cost of the system, each kWh of energy will cost the club 4 cents – this is a massive reduction from the 19 cents charged by the energy company.



The Gundagai District and Services Club has seen significant increases in its electricity bills over the last few years and was in need of a strong energy reduction strategy.

Joe Lico, GM, had met Solar PV Commercial at many RSL & Services Club’s meetings and was aware of our previous work on other clubs in NSW.

The club had previously looked into solar but thought the capital costs were too straining on cash flow. When we included a finance option the decision to switch to solar became simple; the system generates immediate savings, these savings cover the leasing costs and the club owns the system at the end of the term.

Gundagai District and Services Club has a constant energy load during its operating hours that comes predominantly from cooling/heating, lighting, gaming machines and the kitchen. The club operates 7 days a week and the 60kW solar system will reduce the clubs total electricity consumption by 30%.

The board had peace of mind knowing that they were dealing with a solar company that supported their industry.




Broken Hill Super Clinic has  installed a 90kW Solar PV system to assist their high day time power demand. The system has been installed to reduce the businesses requirement for grid fed electricity.

The system will provide long-term savings in electricity costs, whilst improving the clinics green credentials.

When selecting solar for the clinic, the board of director’s main stipulation was to obtain the best quality installation to yield maximum cost savings. Our experience within the field of large scale solar provided the assurance of an installation of unparalleled quality. 




Lismore District and Workers Club began in 1955 with a strong focus on providing for the community; 60 years on they are still just as focused. Ridiculous electricity costs threatened the future of the club so Stephen Bortolin, GM, decided to act.

“We had to do something; we couldn’t keep paying the energy bills” said Mr. Bortolin “ We hired an electrical engineer to look at our options and make suggestions. He recommended we look at solar”

Solar PV Commercial proposed a 100kW system on the Workers Club that was assessed along with 2 other proposals.

“ Our consultant made his findings and reported to the board, he recommended that Solar PV Commercial was the best. At the end of the day it didn’t come down to price – it came down to quality and experience”

The first 400 panels were installed in 2013 with great success; the installation team was efficient and undisruptive. When a short period of down time was required to safely perform an electrical upgrade the team co ordinated the procedure before the club opened.

The system’s performance was monitored and has performed above what was forecasted. The club then decided to install another 50kW on the Sports Club. The second 50kW system was installed and commissioned within a week of commencement.

“ Our savings on the energy bill are a lot more than expected – they’ve gone down by $9,000”